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Google Drive Prerequisites

Before installing Google Drive:

  1. Set up your Google Drive permissions.
  2. Create and grant permissions to a Data Access Security Google Administrator account.

When you have completed the prerequisites, you will add a Google Drive application.

Adding an Identity Security Cloud Google Drive Source

Creating a new separate Google Drive Custom App for Identity Security Cloud is recommended.

For information on how to add a Google Source source in Identity Security Cloud, view Integrating SailPoint with Google Drive.

Adding an Identity Collector

Perform the following steps to add an identity collector:

  1. Go to Admin > Identity Collectors.
  2. Select Create New on the top right corner to open wizard.

In General details:

  • Type - Google Drive
  • Name - logical name for the Identity Collector (Example: Google Drive IDC)

In Connection Details, select the Identity Security Cloud created G Suite source.

  1. User and Group Dynamic Fields Mappings are optional.
  2. Select Save.

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