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Selecting and Scheduling the OneDrive Data Classification Settings

To associate an application with a data classification service and set the schedule:

  1. Go to Admin > Applications.
  2. Scroll through the list or use the filter to find the application.
  3. Select the Edit icon on the application row.
  4. Select Next until you reach the Data Classification settings page.


    The entry fields vary by application type.

  5. Associate the application with a Data Access Security Data Classification Collection Cluster. This cluster is responsible for running the Data Classification data collection tasks on dedicated virtual appliances.

  6. To disable data classification, toggle the Allow Data Classification option off.


    You can also disable data classification by setting the scheduler to be inactive, which is the default setting for data classification.

  7. If a central data classification service is selected, you can schedule a task.

  8. Select Next or Finish.

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