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Verifying the SharePoint Online Connector Installation

You can verify your SharePoint Online connector installation by checking your application configuration and validations.

Verifying Application Configuration

After the configuration of one of the following applications is complete, verify it was properly configured by running the Test Connection task.

The Test Connection will run and validate a series of validations to see if the application was configured correctly.

Common SharePoint Online Validations

The following is a list of common validations that run when the test connection is run with a SharePoint Online application.

  • Server responsiveness
  • Verifying there is a connection with SharePoint Online
  • Verifying access to the admin site
  • Verifying the ability to list site collections
  • Verifying the API┬ápermissions are correctly configured
  • Verifying the event auditing is active through the Office 365 API

Permissions Collection

  1. Run the Crawler and Permissions Collector tasks (Settings > Task Management > Scheduled Tasks)
  2. Verify that:
  3. The tasks completed successfully
  4. Business resources were created in the resource explorer (Admin > Applications >[application column] > Manage Resources)
  5. Permissions display in the Permission Forensics page (Forensics > Permissions)