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Supported languages

IdentityNow supports more than 20 languages, with American English being the default. The language in the user interface and strong authentication codes delivered by voice and SMS is based on your browser's language settings.


IdentityNow does not recognize territory language distinctions in locales. For example, if you specify the locale as 'en-US' or 'en-GB', IdentityNow will behave as if the locale is 'en'. The only exception is Chinese. Simplified Chinese will always default to 'zh-CN', and traditional Chinese will always default to 'zh-TW'.

IdentityNow supports the following languages:

Language Locale
Chinese (Simplified) 'zh-CN'
Chinese (Traditional) 'zh-TW'
Czech 'cs'
Dutch 'nl'
English 'en'
Finnish 'fi'
French 'fr'
German 'de'
Hungarian 'hu'
Italian 'it'
Japanese 'ja'
Korean 'ko'
Lithuanian 'lt'
Norwegian 'no'
Polish 'pl'
Portuguese (Brazil) 'pt'
Russian 'ru'
Spanish 'es'
Swedish 'sv'
Thai 'th'
Turkish 'tr'