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Having an issue? We're here to help. Check out the following FAQs for solutions to common issues.

Account and password issues

Why can't I reset my password?

When you reset your password, you'll receive an error message if your password contains a prohibited word or character.

Your administrator has determined that certain words or characters are not secure and should be avoided in passwords. To complete your password change, choose a new password that meets the requirements.


Avoid using common words, personal information, or words found in the dictionary to make your password more secure.

How do I know if my password is about to expire?

Depending on your organization's settings, you may receive an email a few days prior to your password's expiration date. You will receive an email every subsequent day until you reset your password or your password expires.

Why am I being asked to provide my old password?

If you change your password on a different device than the one you normally use or if you change it outside of Identity Security Cloud, you'll be prompted to provide your old password as part of the reset process. This is a security measure designed to prevent unauthorized password changes.

I can't authenticate my account. What should I do?

If you try to reset your password or update your preferences, you will be prompted to verify your identity. If you forgot your authentication information, reach out to your administrator.


If configured by your organization, you can also authenticate your identity by retrieving a code from your organization's Helpdesk.

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