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Reassigning certifications

If you need to reassign certifications to a user who is better suited to review that access, you can do so on the Certifications page. You can review and reassign certifications by users, known as identities, or by access items.

  1. Select Certifications from the navigation menu.

  2. In the Active tab, select the certification you want to reassign.

  3. Choose how you want to reassign the contents of the certifications:

    • By Identity – From the list of identities, select the checkbox for the identity you want to reassign and select Reassign. You can reassign multiple identities at a time.

    • By Access Item – In the main body of the certification, select the checkboxes next to the line items you want to reassign. Select More Options in the Decision column and then select Reassign. To reassign one item at a time, select that item's row. In the new window, select Reassign Decision.


      If you reassign an access item in the Identities or Uncorrelated Identities tab, you are only reassigning that access item for the selected identity or identities. To reassign the entire identity, you must view certifications by identities and reassign an identity from the left panel.

    • By Uncorrelated Account – From the list of uncorrelated identities, select the checkbox for the uncorrelated identity you want to reassign and select Reassign. You can reassign multiple uncorrelated identities at a time

  4. In the Reassign To field, enter the name or email address of the new reviewer. You can reassign the certification to multiple users.

  5. In the Add Comments field, enter the reason you're reassigning this certification and any other comments related to the certification.

    Best Practice

    Include your name as well as the reason for the reassignment. The new reviewer may need to contact you with questions.

  6. Select Reassign Decision to reassign the certification.

    Repeat these steps for additional certifications that you want to reassign. Reviewers will receive an email about the reassignment and can see the certification in their list of active certifications.

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