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Tracking access requests

After you request access to an application or access item, you may be wondering what's the status of your access request. You can track your access requests from the following locations.


  1. Go to your Dashboard.

  2. View the My Requests widget. Your total number of pending access requests and the date of your last request are displayed here.

Request Center

  1. From the navigation menu, select Request Center.

  2. Select the My Requests tab. Your requests and their statuses are displayed on this page.

For each request card, you can:

  • Select Cancel Request to cancel a pending request.

  • Select Read comments Comments icon to review comments on a request.

You can also select a request card to see more details in the Request Status Tracker.

Request Status Tracker

  1. From the navigation menu, select Request Center.

  2. Select the My Requests tab.

  3. Select the request card for one of your access requests. The Request Status Tracker appears to the right with status and workflow details about each step in the access review process.

    A request workflow in the Request Status Tracker.

You can also see any errors that may have occurred during the request workflow.

To cancel a request, select Cancel Request.

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