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SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management Admin Help

Managing non-employees is a key part of ensuring your organization's security. SailPoint's Non-Employee Risk Management product helps you track and manage non-employees and their lifecycles within your company.


You may be restricted from including certain personal information and other regulated sensitive information in Non-employee Risk Management. This may include restrictions set forth in your company’s contract(s) with SailPoint. Consult with your Legal Department before proceeding.

Your company is charged with obtaining consent from data subjects before including their personal information in Non-employee Risk Management. 

Should you have any questions, contact your Legal Department.

You can find documentation for end users of your non-employee system in our User Help section.

Non-Employee Risk Management Overview

Non-Employee Risk Management allows you to manage non-employees such as contractors, vendors, and other partners. The non-employees in your site, and the data about them, will be managed by profiles. The users you add to your site can help you create, link, and manage these profiles.

Users are created in your tenant using an integration between your SSO platform and Non-Employee. The roles they have determine which profiles they can manage.

To allow users to create profiles, start by creating forms and building them into pages that users will fill out when creating new profiles.

Create the profile types that will categorize data about your non-employees. For example, you could create profile types for the non-employees themselves, the list of organizations they come from, or the projects they're working on.

Create workflows, which your users will use to create and update the profiles within each profile type.

Each profile type will need its own set of workflows, which can be activated by users to create and manage the profiles within it.

Once this is complete, you and the other users in your site can create profiles within each profile type. These can be linked together until your organization has a complete map of all the non-employee data it needs to track.

Track user and workflow activity to make sure everything is working correctly.

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