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Creating and Editing Forms

A form is a set of fields, each representing an attribute on a profile. Forms are combined into pages, which can be sent to users to fill out when certain workflows are executed.

Creating a Form

You can create a new form to collect the values for a profile's attributes.

If you selected the Create supporting content? checkbox when creating a profile, an empty form has been created using the name of the profile type. If this is the case, you do not need to create a new form, and you can proceed to Editing Forms.

To create a new form:

  1. Go to Admin > Templates > Forms.

  2. Select + Form.

  3. On the Create New Form page:

    • Enter a unique name for your form.

      The UID is generated automatically based on the name. This can be modified during the form's creation, but it can't be edited later.

    • Optionally enter a description for the form.

  4. Select create.

    The LAYOUT tab is displayed.

  5. In the Add attributes field, search for and select one or more attributes to add to your form.

    These are the attributes a user must fill out when creating or editing a profile. The type of field presented to a user depends on attribute's type.

    Forms are three columns wide.

  6. When adding attributes, you might be able to select additional options on your form.

    • Select edit to edit the attribute. Edits apply to the attribute everywhere it's used.
    • Select break to add an empty space in the column after this attribute.
    • If you are editing attributes with the check box, drop-down, and radio button types, you can select Add forms to options to add forms when the user selects specific options from the list. Refer to Adding Conditional Forms for more information.
  7. To remove and reorder the attributes in your form:

    • Select the name of the attribute and drag it to another spot in the form to change its order.
    • Select the Delete icon X to remove this attribute from the form.
  8. When you're finished adding attributes to your form, select save.

  9. (Optional) Select the preview button to preview what your form will look like to the user.

Editing Forms

You can edit forms in bulk or individually.

Updating Forms in Bulk

  1. Go to Admin > Templates > Forms. Select the checkbox beside the forms you want to edit.

To select all forms, select the checkbox next to the FORMS header.

  1. Select the ellipsis icon next to Actions to display the available actions:

    • Archive - Immediately deactivates the selected forms and moves them to the Archived tab. Forms can't be archived if they're used by any pages.
    • Unarchive - Immediately activates the selected forms and moves them to the Active tab.
    • Export - Generates a .json file containing the metadata about the selected forms and related configurations/ When the file has been generated, select Download to save the metadata to a local file.
    • Clone - Makes an identical copy of the selected forms and adds it to the list with a number appended to its name.

Updating an Individual Form

  1. Go to Admin > Templates > Forms.

  2. Select the name of the form you want to edit.

  3. In the LAYOUT tab, edit the attributes, ordering, and layout within the form.

  4. In the INFO tab, update the name and description of the form.


The UID can't be edited once the form has been created.

Adding Conditional Forms

You can display additional forms when users select certain options within a form. For example, if a user selects their region, you can configure a dropdown list to appear so they can select the specific office they are part of within that region.


  • Additional forms you want to display must be created and saved separately.
  • This option is available on check box, drop-down, and radio button attribute types.

To display forms conditionally, based on a user's selections:

  1. On the LAYOUT tab, select Add Forms to options on an applicable attribute.

    A list of the options associated with this attribute is displayed.

  2. Locate the option for that attribute that should have an additional form display when it is selected. In the drop-down underneath that option, select the additional form that should be displayed when that option is selected.

  3. Select Save.

    When the user selects that option within that attribute, the additional form you selected will appear and they'll be required to fill out that form as well.

    You can edit your selections later by selecting Edit form options on this attribute.

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