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SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management User Help

As a recognized leader in both Identity Lifecycle Management and Identity Access Management Software and Services, Non-Employee Risk Management provides the most comprehensive solutions to addressing employee and non-employee identity lifecycle. With products like Lifecycle and Collaboration built to fill the gaps in Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) products’ identity lifecycle capabilities, Non-Employee Risk Management provides software to gain full visibility of global identities and true management and control of non-employee lifecycle and risk.

You can find documentation for administrators of your non-employee system in our Admin Help section.


Lifecycle is a powerful solution that allows an organization to easily manage business processes for third party identities, their relationships with your organizations and the risk associated with those relationships. With Lifecycle, users can:

  • Quickly onboard third-party resources and other identity types
  • Administer a single repository for all third-party identities and other identity types
  • Create relationships across identities while making those relationships actionable through forms and workflows
  • Easily configure the user interface and process workflows through an administrative UI
  • Manage identity risk

Lifecycle is designed to provide your internal administrators, identity managers and owners the ability to manage third party identities.


Collaboration is an isolated web portal that enables the self-registration and self-service functionalities to third parties. Collaboration allows third parties the opportunity to collaborate in the process of managing the third-party identity lifecycle. The portal-based system allows for third parties to interact through third party delegated administration, or self-service based on the specific use cases and permissions granted to them by the internal organization.