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Working with Networks

Cloud Access Management shows cloud resources that include data unique to networking such as subnets, security groups, and virtual private clouds (VPCs). Virtual machines or instances are also displayed due to their affinity with other network resources.

Viewing a Summary of Networks

You can view details for the following network types:

  • Virtual Private Clouds
  • Subnets
  • Route Tables
  • Security Groups
  • Instances

Select Networks in the left navigation menu to view an overview of the networks that Cloud Access Management has discovered across your cloud sources.

Select a tab at the top to switch views. For example, to view the Security Groups, select the Security Groups tab to see the name, source, region, object type, subnets, instances, VPC, and tags associated with each group.

You can search within the overview list using the search bar below the tabs. Select the download icon to generate and download a CSV with the information for your selected tab.

Viewing Access Details for a Network

Select a network object from the overview list to see a summary of the total access paths affecting the network.

Network access graph, IAM, alerts, and networking numbers, and total access paths.

Select a tile to display more detailed information about it in the list below. The access graph is also updated based on your selection. For information on using the access graph, see Using the Access Graph to Understand Relationships.

Select the numbers on a tile to display more information about the selected type in the Total Access Paths list below.

IAM - Shows the number of users, roles, and groups within that identity access management network.

Alerts - Shows the number of violations discovered for this network based on severity. Select this tile for a detailed view into these alerts. For more information, see Viewing and Triaging Alerts.

Networking - This tile shows different numbers based on the network type.

Network Type Networking Objects Shown
VPCs Instances, security groups, and subnets
Subnets Instances and security groups
Route Tables Instances, subnets, and routes
Security Groups Instances and firewall rules

Objects - (Instances only) Shows the number of total and used accessed objects discovered on the instance.

Role - (Instances only) Shows the number of total and used roles discovered on the instance.