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Editing My Profile

If this capability is configured, non-employees can access the system to edit their own profiles.

The Edit my profile section allows these non-employee users to view and update their information, access assigned workflows and perform other actions for which they have permission.

On the User Account page, the current user can view and update their information.

Uploading an image:

  1. On the user account page:

    1. Hover over the current avatar, the image changes from the default picture to an edit icon

    2. Select the edit icon.

    3. Select Choose File and browse to the desired image.

    4. Select Update.

To edit your information:

  1. On the User Account page:

    1. Select the edit icon in the field to edit.

    2. Make the necessary changes.

    3. Select Update.

Users can edit multiple fields at a time by selecting the icon next to each field to edit.