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Using the Dashboard

The Home page of Lifecycle is referred to as the Dashboard and the menu on the left side of the dashboard is referred to as the Left Navigation.

Users will only have access to the applications for which valid licenses have been installed like Lifecycle or Collaboration.

For the purposes of this document, only the Lifecycle dashboard and dashboard left navigation are covered.

Dashboard Home Page

The dashboard home page is presented upon successful authentication of a user. There are several components to the dashboard home page outlined below.

Widgets Band

The widgets band at the top of the home page allows you to see your pending requests and the tasks that are pending your action.

Workflow Bar

In the workflow bar on the dashboard, 2 of the 4 types of workflows are displayed. The left side of the workflow bar displays the available Create Profiles workflows that the current user has permission to run. The right side of the workflow bar displays Batch workflows that the current user has permission to run.

Active Profiles Table

The Active Profiles table contains a more in-depth tabular view of the number of active profiles, pending requests, and pending actions associated with the current user. Your administrator might customize this view, displaying the preferred data in each table.

Language Selection

If multi-language support is enabled for your environment, the supported languages will be displayed at the bottom of the dashboard. Selecting one will reload the page in the selected language and use that language while you are signed in to Lifecycle.

Dashboard Left Navigation

On the left side of the dashboard is a navigation pane referred to as “left nav” or “left navigation”. This allows quick access to available application features.

Application Accessibility

Depending on which licenses are registered, the available applications in the left navigation will vary.


Selecting the Home link in the Dashboard Left Navigation returns the current user to the default view of the Dashboard Homepage.