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My Requests

The Requests link in the Dashboard left navigation displays all requests that the current user submitted. The current user appears in the request by field. This is also accessible from the Widgets Band and the Active Profiles Table via the Pending Requests tab.

The requests header with three tabs displayed. The Pending tab is highlighted.

  • Pending tab

    This is the default view of the requests page. This view lists the requests submitted by the current user that are currently in a Pending status. Only items which the user has permission to will appear here.

  • Completed tab

    This view lists the requests in a Completed, Closed or Workflow Changed status that were submitted by the current user.

  • All tab

    This view lists all requests, regardless of status, that the user has submitted.

  • Filters

    Filters will refine the results of a view. Refer to Filters to learn more on applying filters.