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Dashboard Filters

Filters refine the results of the My Requests and Needs Action views.

To apply a filter:

  1. Select the ellipsis icon next to Filter.

  2. Attribute

    1. Enter the name of the attribute to filter on in the Search box.

    2. Once the selection has been made, the Operator and Value fields appear.

  3. Operator

    1. Select the desired operator.

    2. These values available will vary based on attribute selected.

  4. Value

    Enter the filter criteria of the data to view

    If a date attribute is selected and the operator selected is more than, less than, or exactly, 2 additional fields (Days and Timeframe) will appear.

  5. Select the plus icon to add the filter.

    The applied filter will appear under the Conditions section.

  6. Conditions

    Underneath the Attribute, Operator, and Value fields, the current filter(s) applied will appear under this section.

    If no filters are currently applied, it will read “None (Add conditions using the inputs above). All fields required.”

  7. The filtered results are displayed.

  8. Multiple filters can be added by repeating steps 3-6.

    By default, when multiple filters are added, each filter defaults as an ‘AND’ condition.

    Users can select the toggle switch to change the AND condition to an OR condition.

  9. The number of filters applied will appear next to the Request header.

To remove a filter:

  1. Select the delete icon next to the filter to remove.

Filters are not persistent. When users navigate away from the page, the applied filter(s) will disappear.

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