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SailPoint Workload Privilege Management

Use Workload Privilege Management to discover, protect, and govern multi-cloud IaaS environments by dynamically provisioning privileged access to workloads running on servers and cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Key capabilities include:

Automating the creation and rotation of credentials, keys, and passwords. External APIs for scripts and external systems to interact and collect credentials without the need to expose credentials in code.
Session brokering for SSH, RDP, and web with recording and logging activity whenever privileged tasks are performed. Advanced feedback within the automation engine to support greater self-service.
Event/Audit reporting for control validation by auditors. Access groups that allow administrators to isolate which users can see which credentials, connections, and targets in a simplified manner.

As an administrator, you can configure the initial setup, users, roles, access groups, targets, system credentials, connections, and much more. Expand Configuring Workload Privilege Management in the left menu to see configuration options.

You can see post-configuration options by expanding Using Workload Privilege Management in the left menu to see how to access the product, connect to targets, manage credentials, and view reports and logs.

The Resource Center is a place where you can access additional help and information from SailPoint, such as product updates, technical support, and additional resources like product documentation. The Resource Center will provide a small numeric notification whenever any new Product Updates have been posted.