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Working with access requests


Customers who have opted into the release of the updated Request Center should refer to Working with Access Requests. You can learn more about the changes and sign up to enable the Request Center using the provided form.

You can use access requests to easily get access to apps or business roles. With an approval process that kicks off automatically, you can get access to the systems and apps you need to perform your job more quickly. You can even request access for new teammates or employees.

To get the access you need, you can request access for:

  • Applications - A set of access related to a specific application within your company. When you request access for an app, you may also be asked to select an access profile, a bundle of access entitlements. For example, when you select an app, you may be asked if you require read-only access or admin access.
  • Entitlements - Access rights, such as group memberships or access permissions, granted to a user. For example, you can request to be added to a specific distribution list or Active Directory group in your organization to receive the access permissions granted to that group.
  • Roles - A bundle of access based on your position in your company. For example, if you are an accountant, you can request access to the Accountant role to receive the access you need to perform your job.

Requesting access

  1. Select Request Center from the navigation menu.

  2. Select the Applications, Roles, or Entitlements tab depending on the access you want to request.

    You can search for a specific application, role, or entitlement in its corresponding tab.


    The entitlement search will only return entitlements that start with the specific search term you've entered.

    You can also select a card to view more details about the access.

  3. Select Request in the corner of the card or in the details menu.

    If the request does not require approval, you'll automatically receive access. If the request requires approval, you must include further information.

  4. If your request requires an access profile, select an access profile in the new window. You can only request one access profile at a time.

  5. Under Requesting For, select Myself or Others depending on who the access is for.

    If you are requesting access for others, enter their name(s) using the dropdown menu. Users who already have access or have requested access will not appear in the list.


    If you are requesting access for an entitlement, you can only request access for up to 10 users.

  6. Add comments about the request to help reviewers determine if the access is needed.

  7. (Optional) Set an expiration date for the access. IdentityNow will automatically deprovision the identity's access on this date. This date is not sent to the source system as an account attribute.

    If the identity needs this access for a longer period of time, you can edit this date on the My Team or My Access page to prevent any disruptions in work.

  8. Select Submit to submit your request.

If your request does not require approval, you'll receive access immediately. If your request requires approval, you'll receive an email when your access has been approved or denied.

When you request access, your request is sent to reviewers for approval. All reviewers must approve your request before you are granted access. You will receive an email when your request is approved or denied. If your request is denied, contact the person who denied the request for more information.

To see the requests you've made, as well as the statuses and comments on those requests, select theĀ My Requests tab at the top of the Request Center.