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Tagging in IdentityNow

IdentityNow's tagging feature connects your organization's internal terms with IdentityNow's governance data and processes. You can apply your business's well-known terms to important governance items to ensure everyone involved sees the language they already understand.

Using tags, you can:

  • Tag all highly privileged roles, access profiles, and entitlements. This way, you can more easily identify what they are, report on them, and maintain these access items and their membership.
  • Tag items related to PCI or SOX compliance to simplify certification creation and management.

Tagging items that can be searched helps you retrieve them more easily. For example, you can tag all highly privileged roles, access profiles, and entitlements to make them easier to find and track. You can also tag items related to PCI or SOX compliance to simplify certification creation and management.

You can tag the following searchable items in IdentityNow:

  • Access Profiles
  • Entitlements
  • Identities
  • Roles

To apply tags to searchable items:

  1. Sign in to IdentityNow and go to Search.

  2. Write a search query to return the items you want to tag.

  3. Select the checkboxes next to the items you want to tag and click the Tags icon Tags.

    Search results with the number of tags each item has. Selecting a checkbox beside a result allows you to add tags.

    You can also open the Tags overlay for a single item by clicking the number of tags in its Tags column.

  4. Add your tags one at a time in the Add Tags field. Press Enter or Return between each tag.

    Typing a tag into the text box. Existing tags matching the typed characters are displayed in a list below.

    Each item can have up to 30 tags. The tags will be added to any item where adding those tags will not make the count exceed 30.

  5. When you're finished adding tags, click Save.

You'll see a success message at the top of the page. Your tags will be available in Search soon. You can remove tags from an item by clicking the X icon next to the tag.

You can search for items with a specific tag using the query tags:<term>.

You can have up to 500 different tags in your site, and you can apply your tags to items up to 10,000 times.

Tagging Governance Policies

You can tag governance policies to make it easier to categorize and review them.

For example:

  • Classify your policies to reflect the regulation or certification they're supporting or assign their risk or priority.
  • Record the business, department, or other stakeholders involved with the policy.

Using tags in helps make these policies self-documenting, and adds context when you're performing routine maintenance.

You can add tags to some governance policies and actions in the user interface. See the table below for more information on how to add tags to these policies while creating or editing them.

Governance Policy Adding Tags
Separation of Duties Policies Review step 9 of Creating a Separation of Duties Policy in Managing Policies.
General Policies Review step 6 of Creating a General Policy in Managing Policies.

Choosing Terms to Use as Tags

SailPoint recommends that you begin by bringing together individuals from your business, including governance experts and security teams, to establish a list of tags. From there, you can choose the terms that are most expressive of governance objects and the access managed by IdentityNow.

Common tagging suggestions include:

  • Risk levels
  • Remediation urgency levels
  • Affected departments
  • Compliance and regulatory categories

Valid characters within tags include:

  • A-Z
  • 0-9
  • The underscore "_" character

All tags will be automatically converted to uppercase, and spaces will be converted to underscores.

Tags must be at least 3 characters long and must be fewer than 128 characters.