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Password Expiration Email Template

The Password Expiration email notifies a user when their password is about to expire or has expired. For more information about configuring when this email is sent, refer to Defining Password Expiration Settings.

Name: Password Expiration

Technical Name: Cloud User Password Expiration


REMINDER: Your ${acctName} password#if ( ${dayToExpire} <= 0 ) has expired#elseif ( ${dayToExpire} == 1 ) expires in ${dayToExpire} day#elseif ( ${dayToExpire} > 1 ) expires in ${dayToExpire} days#end


Hi ${},

#if ( ${dayToExpire} <= 0 ) Your ${acctName} password has expired. #elseif ( ${dayToExpire} == 1 ) Your ${acctName} password expires in ${dayToExpire} day. #else Your ${acctName} password expires in ${dayToExpire} days. #end Click here to change/reset your password.

If clicking the link doesn't work, copy and paste the following into your browser:\

#if (${applist}) #if (${appCount} > 1)

The following applications use ${acctName} password for SSO:


The following application uses ${acctName} password for SSO:

#end ${applist} #end


The SailPoint Team


Name Type Description
User User Recipient of the email
dayToExpire Number Days left for expiration
acctName String Name of the account. If the org uses pass-through authentication, this will show the value of the Product Name field in Global > System Settings > Branding.
resetUrl URL URL for password reset
applist String List of applications
appCount Number Number of applications