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Activity Data in IdentityNow Certifications

To make more informed decisions on your certifications, you can add your SaaS Management usage data to IdentityNow. To do so, you’ll first need to map your SaaS applications to IdentityNow sources. After this mapping is complete, you can view this activity data when you review certifications.


You must have SaaS Management and the IdentityNow Certifications service to view activity data for certifications.

To enable this feature, contact SailPoint Support or your IdentityNow Admin.


You must map staging and production environments of the SaaS application and IdentityNow correctly, or your activity data may not appear in IdentityNow. For example, your activity data may not appear if you mapped a SaaS application's production environment to a staging environment of IdentityNow.

SailPoint recommends you name your application instances in SaaS Management to denote staging and production environments to help users find the correct instances to map in IdentityNow.

Managing Instance Names

  1. From the SaaS Management navigation menu, select the Integrations tab.

  2. Select the application you want to view.

  3. Select Manage for each integration instance you want to name.

  4. In the Edit Instance window, enter a unique and meaningful name for the instance. For example, you can add -production or -staging to the name of an instance to differentiate multiple instances of the same app.

  5. Select Update Instance to save your changes.