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Procurement dashboard

Use the Procurement dashboard to discover your SaaS spend from procurement. SaaS Management uses machine learning algorithms to filter out any non-SaaS purchase orders to display your SaaS purchase orders and subsequent line items of each purchase order.


You can only view the Procurement dashboard if you integrated SaaS Management and Coupa.

The Procurement dashboard provides you with the total dollar amount you plan on spending on SaaS applications. You can also filter the data in this dashboard to find more information about a specific purchase order.

For each purchase order, you can review the total purchase amount, purchase date, requester, and payment method. Selecting a purchase order shows the following detailed information about each line item:

Column Name Definition
Source The source of the line item.
Created By The user who created the purchase order.
Created At The date the user created the line item.
Description A description of the line item.
Price The price of the line item.
Quantity The quantity of items in the line item. Note this value may be 0 in some instances, but this data is directly pulled from the purchase order.
Supplier The supplier of the line item.
Total The total dollar amount of the line item.
Type The type of line item.