File Access Manager 8.4 Overview

Important: For the current release of File Access Manager documentation, click here. For PDFs and documentation on past release versions, click here.

File Access Manager protects sensitive regulated information across the cloud enterprise by securing against unwarranted access, highlighting risk factors, and placing governance controls over unstructured data.

File Access Manager helps you securely manage access to your sensitive data and files in the cloud and on-premises. With File Access Manager, you can accelerate regulatory compliance by discovering and classifying sensitive data wherever it lives, enhance security by proactively monitoring for inappropriate or malicious file access, and reduce the burden on IT by empowering data owners to manage access to their own data

File Access Manager extends SailPoint’s Identity Security Platform delivering visibility into unstructured data by discovering sensitive and regulated data, applying appropriate access controls and implementing governance processes. File Access Manager secures critical data assets in real-time, helps mitigate access-related risks and implement compliance and privacy workflows with greater efficiency across the organization on-premises and in the cloud.

The exponential growth of data, and the infinite ways it is being shared in the age of digital transformation, cloud migration and remote work, challenges organization in ensuring the security and privacy of their most critical data. This exposes them to breaches and loss from fines, ransom, and reputational damage. File Access Manager helps enterprises identify sensitive and regulated data, mitigate risks from over-privileged access, take action in real-time against unwarranted access, and automate Governance and Privacy controls and workflows to ensure their compliance with today’s regulations – empowering organizations to take control over their unstructured data, wherever it may be.

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