Integrating with ServiceNow Service Catalog

Revised Date: 25 May, 2022

The ServiceNow Portal Integration for IdentityNow enables you to easily add and remove access from ServiceNow accounts. The account information available in ServiceNow is correlated to an identity in IdentityNow, where you can view the roles and access profiles associated with the identity and use them to manage access.

The ServiceNow Service Portal Integration for IdentityNow and IdentityIQ are separate ServiceNow apps available in the ServiceNow store. For information about requesting SailPoint apps from the ServiceNow Store, see Requesting SailPoint App from the ServiceNow Store.

SailPoint has made significant improvements in our ServiceNow applications. If you’re currently using an earlier version of the SailPoint ServiceNow application, you’ll need to remove it before replacing it with this new version. After you’ve installed the new version from the ServiceNow store, upgrading to future versions will be much simpler.

Integrating with the ServiceNow Portal is different than using the SailPoint for Service Desk integration that converts IdentityNow provisioning activity into tickets in ServiceNow, and requires an IdentityNow ServiceNow ServiceDesk license.