Delta Aggregation

Enable Delta Aggregation when IdentityNow queries the JDBC database. Delta Aggregation enables IdentityNow to only update new information since the previous data query.

You must configure a delta aggregation table for delta aggregation to work. For more information, refer to Delta Aggregation Tables.

  1. In the JDBC source configuration, go to Query Settings, select the edit button () for the schema you want to configure, and then select Delta Aggregation.

  2. Select Enable Delta Aggregation to enable delta aggregation.

  3. (This field is only available when delta aggregation is enabled) In the Database Table Name that Contains the Delta Changes field, provide the table name in which delta changes are captured.

  4. Use the Delta Aggregation SQL field when the alias is used in the main SQL.

    Example of delta aggregation SQL query: Select * from [masterTable] where IdentityAttribute = '$(identity)'

    Where masterTable is the table name that is being used in the main SQL, and IdentityAttribute is the identity attribute defined in the masterTable schema. For more information, refer to Delta Aggregation Tables.

  5. Select the Use Stored Procedure checkbox to execute a stored procedure on the database.

  6. Select Save.