Integrating SailPoint with Mainframe(Read-only Connector)

Revised Date: 21 September 2023


IdentityIQ Connector information is now available as online help and PDF. The online help describes the latest updates for the connector.

To find documents related to a specific version of IdentityIQ, refer to the Supported Connectors for IdentityIQ page on Compass.

Configuration details for connectors may vary not only by release version but also by patch version. Be sure to refer to the correct documentation for your specific release and patch level.

This document is designed to give specific information about the requirements and field definitions needed to get a working instance of a Mainframe connector.

The SailPoint IdentityIQ Mainframe Connector is a read only connector. The Mainframe connector is designed for TN3270 applications and built on the IBM Host Access API libraries.